Welcome to Fifth Letter, where we provide art and advice for business.

We’re not going to waste time, yours or ours. We’re looking for an A-player to join our team. Someone who is passionate about the power of design and can put that lightning in a bottle. Tire kickers can keep moving.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, keep reading.

First, a little bit about you. You’re likely employed right now and looking for a change of scenery. You know a few tricks and have a couple years under your belt. Your skin has gotten thicker. Rookies need not apply.

You’ve designed a website or two, printed matter and some logos. Good ones. You can identify the typefaces used when watching titles for a movie or flipping through a magazine. You’re media agnostic and not afraid to try new things. You’re confident without being cocky. You take what you do seriously but not yourself.

You’re worldly and have a life outside of design. You read not only "Communication Arts" but also "The Atlantic Monthly" or "Garden & Gun." You like doing your homework for projects and are a quick study. Your travels—both mental and physical—allow you to think more broadly about creative approaches to challenges laid before you.

You also have an itch you’re looking to scratch. You want to invest yourself in the projects you work on. You want to learn more about the business side of design. And you want to bring your talents to an environment that will appreciate them and allow them to flourish. You’re tired of hopping around and want a place to hang your hat.


Now a little bit about us. We expect you to move fast with efficient work habits already in place so that we can plug-and-play. We want you to ask questions, but the kind that provoke thought, not waste time. We don’t suffer fools. Time is money and you're only as good as your last project.

We also expect you to be versatile and fearless. Haven’t used a certain program before? Figure it out without us telling you to. Have an idea you think is incredible? Present it to the team and defend it. If you articulate well and kick ass creatively, you will present it to the client.

Get outside of your comfort zone and grow. Design is an ever-changing profession and we want someone new to ride the waves with us.

Don’t just occupy this position. Own it.

1. Read our full job description.
2. Fill out our online application.
3. Wring your hands pensively waiting for us to follow-up with you.

An online or PDF portfolio is required for consideration. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to respond to all applicants but we will reach out to you if your portfolio and experience match our outlined requirements and your application answers make us think and laugh.

If you've filled out our application and it's been more than one week, send an email to to explain why you’re amazing. If we like what we see, we will be in touch for more information and to set-up a meeting.