Brunson Elementary

Brunson Elementary is a neighborhood school in Winston-Salem. They approached us to get help repositioning themselves.


Brunson was transitioning from a curriculum centered around world cultures to a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) focus. In addition, it serves as the host school for the district’s highly academically gifted students.


Working with the school, we identified four distinct audiences: staff, parents, students and neighbors. Of the four, only one was children. And kindergartners and fifth graders have very different interests and levels of awareness. Our work had to appeal to everyone.


Using a modular approach, we created a flexible identity that allows for future expansion. We also considered that the identity would be seen in traditional mediums like signage and print, but also screen-based learning and other opportunities to animate the elements and bring a playful spirit to the identity.


And once we realized that the initials “B.E.” can be condensed into an aspirational call-to-action that embodies the spirit of education, we had our cornerstone for the system. Brunson will give you a jump start to be whatever you want to be when you grow up.