IFB Solutions

IFB Solutions (formerly known as Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind) is more than the nation’s largest employer of people who are blind or visually impaired. They’re also changing lives through employment, training and services. In addition to operating manufacturing facilities in Winston-Salem and Asheville, North Carolina and Little Rock, Arkansas, IFB Solutions also oversees staffing services, Community Low Vision Centers, blind community services, advocacy and community awareness programs, summer camps and afterschool programs for children who are visually impaired, and fundraising to support them all. Add to that their retail Optical Centers, Mattress Store and over 21 Base Supply Center locations and you get an idea of the enormous task their Marketing Services Department has in keeping all of their communication touch points on brand, on budget and on time!


Their most recent Annual Report needed to tell the complex stories of each of their divisions, provide vital financial information and show the benefits of supporting their mission. We used rich photography, stories of those whose lives are impacted by the employment and services of IFB Solutions and snackable bites of statistical information to tie everything together. This multi-piece annual report, which includes an embossed wrap that contains a 6-panel overall report, a 6-panel foundation report, and two bi-fold pieces, was mailed in an envelope with a large sticker wrap.


We’re proud to have received recognition from HOW Design’s International Awards for this piece.