IFB Solutions Website

In 2016, IFB Solutions launched their new name and brand (formerly Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind). As part of this initiative, they needed a new website that better reflected their growth and their new brand. We were honored and excited when they asked us to build a site to incorporate all they do while setting the high bar for accessibility.


We kicked off the project by conducting research with customers and workshops with IFB Solutions employees. The onsite sessions included stakeholders from each division of the organization. We identified key audiences for the website as well as the website’s needs and goals. We collected user data and analytics from the existing site–paying attention to why users visited the site and where they spent the most time within the site.


We realized that each division had its own unique needs and audiences and that the website needed to speak to each while making the connection to IFB Solutions clear. As a solution, we developed a parent website for IFB Solutions linked to child sites for the different business arms. The child sites allow users to quickly and efficiently find the content they need.


The new website design gave special attention to accessibility, taking into account best practices not only for people who are visually impaired but including those with any form of disability. When designing and coding the site, we considered POUR principles, color contrast, tab navigation, ARIA landmarks, proper form notifications, alternative text for images, text formatting for screen readers and much, much more.


We also created functionality for a donation portal, a “quick read” function allowing users navigating with screen readers to get a preview of content without having to tab through an entire page, job postings and applications, and dynamic content around press and news releases.


We are proud to have received recognition from Graphic Design USA for this website.