Travel Mania

Our client came to us with a game concept, very rough self-made prototypes and some test data from some of his younger family members. We worked to assemble a creative team that included an illustrator, copywriter and production artist to help with content generation. In addition, we performed research on possible manufacturing scenarios and helped coordinate overseas production of the game.


This first production run of the game sold out. In addition, we were told that by taking the game to market in a year, we had cut the industry average for established players in half.


In addition to the game itself, we developed stickers, patches, t-shirts and point-of-sale materials.

Travel Mania is a trivia-based board game that educated children of all ages about geography, languages, currencies, and different cultures. With over 8,000 questions, players choose answers from fun multiple-choice answers and attempt to travel the world (or around the board) getting their passports stamped and gathering maps of different countries.


We developed the game with a feel that would be approachable for younger children but would still have style and content that provided a “wink and a nod” to keep older players from getting bored. The goal was to make sure the game’s character was consistent through illustrations, copy and the general experience of play.